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Restricting Bodily Autonomy is Violence Against Women

Abortion rights and political violence

The Power Struggle between Venezuelan leaders

Why the battle is aggravating the country’s humanitarian crisis

In Chechnya, an Unsurprising New Round of Atrocities

Both Chechen governments and their Russian authorities have continued prosecuting and prosecuting LGBTQ individuals.

As Bangladesh Closes its Borders, the Crisis Worsens

The role of international diplomacy in the midst of a refugee crisis

Hate Crimes at Armenian Schools

Los Angeles' recent experience demonstrates the importance of recognition

Disputed Elections amid Violence in the DRC

How democratic was the Democratic Republic of the Congo's recent transition?

Hodeidah: The Potential Ceasefire in Yemen's Civil War

The limited international attention on Hodeidah, Yemen has been enough to bring sides to the table –but is a ceasefire possible?

U.S.A. in Shutdown

Breaking down the racial and economic origins of a modern governmental crisis

Blood Gold: Mining and Indigenous Genocide in Guatemala

How Canadian and international mining corporations continue to facilitate indigenous genocide in Latin America

Inhumane Border Policy Leads to a Sixth Child’s Death in US Custody

An examination of the deadly outcomes of an ongoing weaponization of US immigration policy