Our Team

Maggie Munro   -   maggie.munro@mail.mcgill.ca

Current Events

Brandon Heiblum   -   brandon.heiblum@gmail.com
Primary Editor of Current Events

Shira Garbis   -   shira.garbis@mail.mcgill.ca
Secondary Editor of Current Events

Owain Guinn   -   owain.guinn@mail.mcgill.ca
Secondary Editor of Current Events

Alexandra Beaudry   -   alexa.beaudry@gmail.com
Current Events Staff Writer

Patrick Iskandar - patrickiskandar@gmail.com                                                           Current Events Staff Writer

Tama Mule - tamamutio@gmail.com   Current Events Staff Writer

Elizabeth Murphy - elizabeth.murphy804@gmail.com                                                   Current Events Staff Writer


Gavin Jolly   -   gavinhjolly@gmail.com
Editor of History

Andrea Corkel   -   andrea.corkal@mail.mcgill.ca
History Staff Writer

Reilly Dunne   -   reilly.dunne9@gmail.com
History Staff Writer

Sanskruti Patel   -   sanskruti.patel@mail.mcgill.ca
History Staff Writer

Romane Savard-Guzman   -   romane.savard-guzman@mail.mcgill.ca
History Staff Writer

Law & Theory

Kemal Kongar   -   kemal.kongar@mail.mcgill.ca
Editor of Law and Theory


Louise Vuillemin   -   louise.vuillemin@mail.mcgill.ca
Editor of Artwork