To Publish

What we publish

Genocide is a difficult term, subject to debate. We publish art and articles related to genocide and political violence. We cover topics in history and current events, domestically and internationally. We also cover issues in international law, and theoretical subjects like “how does political violence begin?” Topics related to mass violence, hate crimes, terrorism, or suppression can be submitted along with any themes you feel should relate.

Who can apply?

While our editing team is centered at McGill, you don’t have to be a McGill student to submit. You do not need references or documented experience. If you have a topic, and can articulate it well, we welcome your input.

To Submit

Write an email to and you will be forwarded to the appropriate editing section. You can write us:

  1. a pitch, where we will discuss and develop the idea
  2. a work in progress, where we will assist in its completion
  3. a complete work for us to review

Send us a note today!